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Frequently Asked Questions we get at Allison's!

Do your Credit Notes ever expire?

Credit Notes NEVER expire! As long as we're here they're good! We've had customers bring in ones that used to be only good on Pocketbooks back in the late 70s and 80s! Find an old one in a book - bring it on in and we'll get you set up on our new system that helps us now keep track of those credits you have with us!


Why can't I pay for my books with just my credits?

When it comes down to it we had to change our policies to the 50/50 system because we were struggling to meet the economic changes in utilities and even payroll. The 50/50 system allows us to give a discount on the books while getting in a minimal amount of cash to help us keep going for another 40 plus years! :) So overall it costs to keep the doors open.


I just bought this here last time I was in - why won't you take it back?

While we would love to be able to keep every book in good shape that comes through our doors it simply boils down to - we just don't have the space. We often suggest that customers hang on to the ones that we're over stocked on and try back with them a few months or so down the road, especially on popular authors like Patterson, Roberts or even Sandford to name a few!


What kind of books do you accept for credits?

This is the most ambiguous question we get asked due to all the factors that come into play. Our typical response is to bring in everything and allow us the opportunity to go through your books and see what we can or cannot take. If you are happy with the quote we give you for what we believe we can sell in the store - we will then leave it up to you on whether you want us to donate your books to one of our charities that accepts good condition books or we can also recycle anything that isn't in good condition and will not be taken by our charities.


We just never know what kind of unique goodies might come through our doors!


Why do you need my phone number for the Credit Note or Loyalty card?

Our system allows us to to search for you by name or by phone number. It also helps create your card as a unique identity in case someone else has the same name as you. If you lose your card we can find you with that phone number easiest insuring the right credit gets used.


Do you hold books if I can't pay for them today?

Absolutely we will! We will hold Used Books for you for 2 weeks. New Books we can hold for 1 week. At Christmas our New Book policy hold time is 48 hours.


What do you do with the information you collect from me for the Want List or Credit Notes?

We care about our Customer's Privacy & will never sell or give out your information to anyone! If we ever suspect a breach of our systems we will notify all our customers right away.


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