Since 1973 we have been welcoming browsers from all corners of the World! Our books have been picked up in airports in Japan, Europe, and all over the USA not to mention Canada!


We are proud to continue serving the reading needs of the North Bay area as the 3rd Generation of Allison's take the reigns with Annette Allison-Vander Waal eager to continue in her father and grandparents footsteps!


Keep watch on our site as we go through the transformation to our own online sales department and helping you find your way into even more great new novel adventures!


Our vision is to sell the ‘novel’ adventures with a pleasant customer experience that lets people know we care about their needs. This includes going back to old fashioned customer service values.




Talk to us about your book needs and if we don't have it instock New or Used we will be more than happy to assist you how ever we can in fulfilling that request!


We do offer to put people on our "Want List" 


When you can't find the book Used or New in our store we offer to put you on this watch list of books our customers are after! When your book comes through our doors we give you a call and then hold the book for you for 2 weeks giving you plenty of time to come in pick it up!


We will not sell this book to another customer until your 2 weeks is up.


We also do "Special Orders" 


If you're uncomfortable with purchasing books online yourself we have a number of places we can order Used books from and know what sellers we have had good and bad service from. Because we're ordering second hand sellers can vary on what they believe the condition is - we will not order a book that is listed in less than GOOD condition without the customer agreeing to that. If we're not satisfied with the condition of the book when it comes in we call you and let you know and then have you decide whether or not you would like us to send it back and search for another option. There have been occurences when a book is in such bad shape we just send it back and immediately search for another copy. We want YOU happy with your book purchases!


Looking for the book in New? We can help here too!


For Used Book services our markup fee is 35%.

For New Book purchases it all depends on what kind of a discount we can get. This will never be more than 35%.

Any Shipping Fees we are charged we charge directly to you with no additional markups and no taxes.


Credits and Daily Discounts cannot be used on these services.



Talk to us, we're all here to help!

Recycle your books with us!

Helping to keep our Environment Greener one book at a time!

Be sure to check our Policies page for more about our Credit Note system and other policies.

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