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About Us

Selling the "novel Adventures" for Generations!

Since 1973 we have been welcoming browsers from all corners of the World! Our books have been picked up in airports in Japan, Europe, and all over the USA not to mention Canada!

This store is the brain child of Gord Allison on the advice of his wife Esther who told him to do what he was passionate about with literacy. An organized book store for people to be able to browse and find easily what they were looking for, was an important part of that dream coming true. With Esther & Derrick building the shelving, and the rest of the their family's helping - they brought Allison The Bookman into being!


We are proud to continue serving the reading needs of the North Bay area with the 3rd Generation of Allison's taking the reigns with Annette Allison-Vander Waal eager to continue in her father and grandparents footsteps! She isn't in it alone either, as her husband Scott (an IT Professional of over 45years), has helped make the store even more manageable with his creation of the online store, Point of Sale system, Inventory system, Credit & Gift Card Printer Program and lastly our in store search program.


Keep watch on our site as we continue to grow and find new ways to help you find your way into even more great novel adventures!


Our vision is to sell the ‘novel’ adventures with a pleasant customer experience that lets people know we care about their needs. This includes going back to old fashioned customer service values.

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