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Jobs at Allison's!


See BELOW for the following Cover Letter Request. This cover letter is the main part of our Application Process and Must Accompany a resume in order to be considered for an interview. We suggest being detailed and in a cover letter format not just a page answering our questions below as it helps us learn about you!





Application Cover Letter Requirements:


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

We welcome all applicants to leave a resume and to write a letter of interest as our needs do change from time to time.  Please handwrite OR type and sign your letter. (If you send online there is no need to sign it.)  Include your address, phone number, and e-mail and answer the following within the letter:


Why would you like to work at Allison The Bookman?

What do you love about books?

What genres do you prefer?

What makes you a good customer service person?

What else would you like to share with us about why you feel you’re a good fit for our company?


Before you write your letter, there is information about our store which we feel you should know.  We primarily hire part-time staff.  Working evenings and weekends is expected.  You will be expected to be flexible and work both Allison The Bookman and any other location we may have in North Bay in the future. Our store needs and schedules do change from time to time. 


If you're a Post-Secondary Student applying, please make sure to include your schedule - the more flexibility the better as we have a 3-4 week training period that is quite memory intensive.

Work here is highly customer oriented, very detailed, and regularly physically demanding.  On the other hand, the opportunity to bring authors, readers, and books together in a friendly, informed environment can be wonderful, fun and rewarding for all!


Thank you again for your inquiry.  Should a position become available which combines our needs with your abilities and interests, you will receive a call.


Best Regards,

Annette Allison-Vander Waal
Owner/ General Manager
2211269 Ontario Inc.
DBA: Allison the Bookman

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