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Special Orders

Used Book Special Orders:

If you're uncomfortable with purchasing books online yourself we have a number of places we can order Used books from and know what sellers we have had good and bad service from.


Because we're ordering second hand - sellers can vary on what they believe the condition is. With the said, we will not order a book that is listed in less than GOOD condition without the customer agreeing to the condition represented.


If we're not satisfied with the condition of a book when it comes in:

!) We call you and let you know and then have you decide whether or not you would like us to send it back and search for another option.


2) If it is completely not up to our standards - on those occurrences when a book is in such bad shape - we just send it back and immediately search for another copy and notify you of the situation right away.


We want YOU happy with your book purchases!


How do you make anything on Special Orders?

As is with anything, we do have to make something to compensate for a team member's time and efforts to do the special orders & to keep the doors open - so we do have a $3.50 min or 35% Markup on all Used Book Special Orders.


If there is a shipping fee involved in getting it to the store then we charge the exact amount to you without any additional markups. Your receipt will reflect your book and any shipping fees as discussed prior to the sale going through.


Looking for the book New?

We can help here too!

We deal direct with a number of the big publishing companies as well as a number of the smaller independent publishers. So talk to us and we'll see what we can do to help you find what you need!

We do not markup Special Orders that come direct from the publishers.

If you're a library, school library or teacher talk to us about our discounts for ordering for the classrooms in bulk. We're here to help however we can!

Please note as these are books we purchase for cash we can not allow Credits to be used on these services. We appreciate you're understanding. You can give us your card number though because every sale counts towards your ATB Book Perks Loyalty amount!

Holding Books
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We're here to help!

Just a few of the Publishers we deal with directly so be sure to talk to us!

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