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Our Policy for Used & New Books

Used Stock  50/50 Credit

Our Policy on Used Books:

1. We offer a 50/50 Credit Note System which basically allows you 50% of the TOTAL Used Book Purchase price before tax to be paid with your Credit and 50% in cash/debit or card.


2. Credits can ONLY  be used for future USED BOOK purchases. (These notes cannot be redeemed on New Books or Merchandise Items)


3. Our policy for taking books in for credit is that we will take whatever we are not overstocked on or that we know we will sell relatively quickly in our store. As we are limited on space and have over 200,000 books in stock all the time this is necessary. We prefer books to be in good, clean readable condition.

4. We do not always take back our own books. See #3 above & our FAQ page.

5. While we hope to be able to use all books, often we can't. We do offer to recycle books for customers as well as we have places we donate to regularly that are Not For Profit charities or Seniors Homes. So if you do not want your books back let the staff know upon entering.

6. If bringing in large quantities of books please call in advance so that staff can prepare. (705)476-1450

Reading Books Makes You Better
New Books

Our New Book's are always sold for 10% off the orginal Canadian Suggested Retail Price!


We DO NOT allow Credits to be used on New Books as we are a small business and this is not our specialty. We pay cash up front for these when we bring them in thus we would like to get as much back as we can on them after our every day discount we offer on them.



Dollar Deal Items, Journals & more

In 2011 we introduced a new selection of Dollar Deal Merchandise into the store and more recently have brought in Journals, and Activity books for the kids!


Once again we do not allow Credits to be used on these items as we need to make back what we can on them to help keep us going!

Credit Amounts Given

This is a basic guideline for our pricing but there are always exceptions:

Mass Markets (also known as Pocket Books):

Typically 20% of the Original Canadian Price (we have minimum pricing on various genres and will give credit according to those minimums)


Trade Papers / Hardcovers:

Depends on popularity, condition and subject matter as we sell all of these styles for less than half they do tend to sit a lot longer on our shelves. Price can range anywhere from $1-$5

Again, exceptions are made when collectibles are involved or books that we know we can move quickly.


Children's & Young Adult books:

Children's Chapter Books & YA will typically be given 20% of the Original Canadian price. Pre-School will range as we typically sell for much less than the original Canadian - typically .50 - $3. All this varies according to demand and condition.


Magazines: Varies from .20 - $3 (most of our magazines we only sell for a .50 to $1 and we clean out our magazines fairly often.)


We will give you a quote and if you're satisfied we create &/or add your amount to your personal Credit Note #.


If you lose your Credit Note we can look you up in our system now, so less worries!


Have an old Credit?


The year doesn't matter we've had them come in from over 20+ years ago! - we will add that amount to your card as well! This includes the ones that used to be only good on Pocket Books! 

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