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Martha Attema

Author & Retired Teacher

Martha's local interest adventure was done with illustrator Marla Hayes - The "Magical Midnight Rescue", a picture book story about the North Bay Carousel.

Martha is also the author of Young Adult and Children's stories some inspired by her time in her homeland of the Netherlands during WWII. Truly a talented author who is also an environmentalist and School & Library Presenter for Sr K up to Grade 9 students.

You can read more on Martha's website!

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Suzanne Bernier

Author & Speaker

"Disaster Heroes" recounts the inspiring true stories of ordinary people who've done extraordinary things to help respond and rebuild after disasters. Read more at:

Suzanne is a North Bay native who we had the pleasure of meeting in 2013 when she did a book signing at the store. (From her website) A former journalist and government press secretary, Suzanne is now a certified, award-winning and internationally-recognized crisis management consultant, speaker and author, who has helped governments, communities and companies plan for and respond to disasters for over twenty years.


Rod Carley

Author/ Retired Artisitic Director at Canadore/ Actor/ Director

Rod is the award-winning author of four works of literary fiction: RUFF (September 2024), GRIN REAPING (long listed for the 2023 Leacock Medal for Humour, 2022 Bronze Winner for Humour from Foreword Review INDIES, a Finalist for the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Humor/Comedy, and long listed for the ReLit Group Awards for Best Short Fiction of 2023); KINMOUNT (long listed for the 2021 Leacock Medal for Humour and Winner of the 2021 Silver Medal for Best Regional Fiction from the Independent Publishers Book Awards); A Matter of Will (Finalist for the 2018 Northern Lit Award for Fiction).

Rod's next book "RUFF", we're excited to say, is coming out in September 2024,  and we're looking for to the book launch at Canadore!

Rod Carley’s back with another theatrical odyssey packed with an unforgettable cast of Elizabethan eccentrics. It’s a madcap world more modern than tomorrow where gender is what a person makes of it (no matter the story beneath their petticoats or tights).

Will Shakespeare is having a very bad year. Suffering from a mid-life crisis, a plague outbreak, and the death of the ancient Queen, Will’s mettle is put to the test when the new King puts his witch-burning hobby aside to announce a national play competition that will determine which theatre company will secure his favour and remain in business. As he struggles to write a Scottish supernatural thriller, Will faces one ruff and puffy obstacle after another including a young rival punk poet and his activist-wife fighting for equality and a woman’s right to tread the boards.

Will and his band of misfits must ensure not only their own survival, but that of England as well. The stage is set for an outrageous and compelling tale of ghosts, ghostwriting, writer’s block, and the chopping block.
Ruffly based on a true story.


Anne Gingras


"The Old Man & the Bench" - One night, I sat on the bench by the river and an old man shared his wisdom with me. He told me that I can always hear his voice through that of others. These are his words and what I learned from some of our conversations.

(From Facebook page)

Anne is a licensed teacher by

profession...with many extra qualifications in the field of special education and autism. 
In 2016, Anne completed her Doctorate in Metaphysics from the Institut Int'l de Métaphysique appliquée where she examined the importance of past life journeys and how they manifest themselves in our current situations. 
Anne is a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner.


Suzanne Harmony
(I. Kathchastar)


Suzanne Harmony is a published author, Reiki Master, podcaster, psychic and medium. She established Harmony House in 2004 where she built her successful Reiki practice and Healing Centre. She is a dedicated and fun-loving mother and grandmother who is grateful to share her life with Dr. Mario Lemay in beautiful North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

An epiphany led Harmony to write and publish, “Leap of Faith…From Fear to Fulfillment.” This inspirational book empowers readers to grow in self-awareness and acceptance of their own uniqueness. Experiential guidance to create positive life changes is accentuated with other’s personal accounts of their leaps of faith found in part two.

Her self-help memoir, “Because I Didn’t Tell,” with pen-name; I. Katchastarr, is a detailed account of the horrific events of her young adult life that fiercely unraveled her once-safe world into a dungeon of despair propelled by life or death threats of, “don’t tell.” Two gems found at the end of each chapter serve to soothe, help, and heal readers through accounts of self-forgiveness and pearls of wisdom.

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Adele Lamothe

Children's Author

(From her website)

I was born in South Africa, an extraordinary country with a rainbow of nations and spectacular scenery. I shared my childhood with my sister, two brothers, and Italian parents who showed us how beautiful life is with the unconditional love and support of family. In my youth I spent countless hours fantasizing about traveling to strange lands and solving the world’s problems, winning over both people and animals. 

My husband and I met in Johannesburg and we have two amazing children. Watching them grow is an incredible blessing. They have taught me so much and they are constantly surprising me! Among the treasures I hold closest to my heart are the cherished moments reading stories and sharing quiet moments at the end of a busy day. 

In 2022 we moved to Canada and I had the opportunity to work on my dream of writing children’s books. We have settled in a quiet neighborhood which is home to rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and birds. I am fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful forests, lakes, gardens and an abundance of ever-changing beauty. 

I feel the most alive when I am writing, spending time with family, or exploring nature.

My books are inspired by nature
Through my books I wish to encourage children to connect with the world and develop a deep appreciation of our environment.

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A. G. V. McPherson


A.G.V. McPherson is an avid reader of fantasy and player of fantasy games including Dungeons & Dragons, as well as a musician, student, and human. Mr. McPherson is in no way affiliated with Martians, as they do not exist and it would be silly to think that they have come to Earth in an attempt to study and conquer humanity.

His book From Out of the Shadows is the first of four in “The Aeternium Cycle" series, and its sequel, Burn the World, will be released in the spring.

​Born in Timmins, Ontario (not Mars), A.G.V. McPherson now lives with his family in Corbeil, Ontario, surrounded by a myriad of trees and a plethora of pets, including a dog, a gecko, and some fish.


Jim Newman


Jim Newman, a natural born story-teller, takes the reader through joyful and humorous stories about life at the hunt camp, hunting culture, and the joys of nature and wildlife. The stories are a mix of childhood memories, folklore, facts, fiction, and laughter, with the odd political rant thrown in.


This book presents hunting in the light of the harvest of food, and the emphasis is on enjoying the beauty of nature in the company of family and good friends. The stories are very human, with lots of self-deprecating (sometimes laugh-out-loud) humour throughout.


Readers will learn how not to choose a hunting dog, how to spend a lot of money preparing not to hunt turkeys, and how to find bears without even trying. On a more serious note, Jim talks about how to increase the longevity of a hunt camp through great communal meals, how to make hunting a multi-generational family tradition, and the importance of standing up for hunters in conversations about gun legislation.


And to those already familiar with Jim Newman’s regular column in The Nipissing Reader, the wait is over!

Jim Newman, also known as “The Gun Guy,” is an avid hunter and story-teller, family man, and nature and animal lover.


Jim has spent a lifetime living, working, and hunting in rural Canada; he has been an avid hunter for more than 60 years. He is an ardent advocate for firearms and the hunting community. Before his retirement, Jim was the CEO and registered federal lobbyist for the Canadian Firearms Institute, an advocacy and resource group for firearms owners.


He lives in Sundridge, Ontario, a small town (pop. < 1000) with his wife, Judy (and no beagles).

(From Friessen Press Page)




Heather Stemp


I was born Heather Ross in 1945.  My father was Billy Ross, from Amelia and Me, and my mother was Peggy Waddell, a war bride from Greenock, Scotland.  She and my dad met in Scotland during the Second World War.


I live in North Bay, Ontario, with my husband Don.  We have two sons, four grandchildren, and two grand dogs. After 30 years of teaching, I retired and wrote Amelia and Me so my grandchildren would know their roots.  I also wanted to share the rich history of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.


My second book, Under Amelia's Wing, is the sequel to Amelia and Me.  It will be released in May 2020. (Due to COVID-19, the release date has been moved to September 2020.)


I'm currently working on book 3 in the Ginny Ross Series.


Book 3 Coming Soon!
Stay tuned for Details!

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